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My Story...

After years of riding the weight loss roller coaster, especially during college, getting married and having babies, I developed lots of frustration with those annoying 10-20 pounds that I could not seem release. No matter how much sugar-free, fat-free food and diet/zero-calorie drinks I was consuming, nothing seemed to work, plus I was exhausted from the constant demands of being a working mom and wife and putting others’ needs ahead of my own. After several failed attempts I had made to diet and exercise, I continued to revert into old habits. I disgusted with my body image and tired of dieting, and decided to accept things as they were. ​


In the fall of 2007, my whole perspective of health was challenged when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Through his experience, and thanks to an alternative, holistic, last-resort treatment option, I was shown that health can be used not just to prevent, but also to heal. It was the fuel that led me to really begin changing my own lifestyle by focusing on health. Through that discovery, I was able to create sustainable habits and experience my own transformation, I finally released the extra weight. ​


Since then, I have been able to maintain my weight loss, and have created a new self-confidence in my body image. I am more proud of the mom I am now because of the example I to my children that I have become. I am able to feel good about myself and have more confidence which helps me to be a better mom and wife. My family is no longer getting the worn out, exhausted version of me. I feel more empowered to accomplish anything and so much more attractive. In addition, I have a new understanding of how “food can be the safest, most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” I have created new habits and behaviors around eating, as well as a passion to help others do the same by empowering them to improve their health, increase their energy, reduce stress, and finally release the extra weight.