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Cole's Cholesterol Story

I started my Arbonne Healthy Living journey on May 29 of this year (2017). In less than 60 days I am 40 pounds down! I feel great, have more energy, sleep better and my digestive health has improved as well! Near the end of my first month of the detox, I had a check up for repeat lab work due to previously high lipids (triglycerides which are literally fat globs in your blood, and cholesterol). My numbers went down! Triglycerides went from 479 to 159, HDL cholesterol (the good kind that you want high) went from 22 to 25. And the LDL that you want low was not even measurable on the first lab due to my triglycerides being so high! Now it's measurable at 65! Total cholesterol is 122 down from 152. All this from Arbonne nutritional products, clean eating, and exercising!