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Lynda's Inflamed Gut Story

This is no ordinary “Before and After” testimonial. And frankly I have put this off for two weeks.This is completely out of my comfort zone. As a former public relations professional, sharing anything less than the most polished version has become quite foreign to me. The irony of this before and after photo is that I did not “let myself go”, I was actually in a struggle to regain my health and my life. Unbeknownst to me, there was an unknown illness lurking in my body that would require me to challenge every doctor I encountered. I had symptoms for over 6 months that progressively worsened. Doctors wanted to write scripts for illnesses that did not match my intuition. I was ridiculed for not taking the scripts, I was questioned for not trusting the doctors, but deep down inside I knew I had not gotten to the root of this evil. Covering up the symptoms with medications was never my plan. And I found out that pursuing this alone is not easy either. But I never once considered taking a prescription to take the easy way out. Thank goodness, because an acid reflux pill was not going to fix my symptoms, nor was the prescription for inflammation in my gut. My illness is common but few agree on how to treat it. But the “After” photo is my victory lap for staying the course.


I used Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living along with other modalities to address the root cause. I am getting better. Now it is your turn! Food is medicine and my life is never going to be about dieting again but rather using food to heal my body and maintain optimal health. I am passionate about making a difference by helping you get your health back! If you have struggled with losing weight, been on a diet much of your adult life and you want to reclaim your body, mind and health. There is no magic pill, no prescription, no fad diet that can change your health for good.