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Avery's Weight Loss Story

This journey I have had is unlike any other. It's about persistence, and knowing that at the end of the day the hustle, dedication and sweat and tears will all be worth it. It's about finding your limits and pushing yourself past them even when you want to give up. Hard work is exactly what it sounds like....hard work. You can't just wake up and take a magic pill and *bam* drop 100lbs over night. It's about being so incredibly serious about something that you make sacrifices, and then you let yourself follow through with something you have your mind set on. Sometimes it takes one push to keep going and never stop. It's all about nutrition and what you fuel your body with. I went through this journey completely blind, I wasn't sure what I was doing but I did it anyway. Now I am so blessed that I can use my testimony to coach people to a heathy lifestyle, people that are willing to say yes. I'm so blessed that my best friend found me and guided me to help others the way I wish I had had someone there to help me. Arbonne has completely changed my life, and the way I see health and fueling my body with pure and natural nutrition. Thank you to everyone that has said yes to me; 1 day can change your life, imagine just 30 days.