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Abi's Crohn's Disease Story

I'm not one to post pics likes this but I'm just so proud of myself. For 6 years I have struggled with my Crohn's disease. I was constantly up just about every night from 1-3 hours sick at my stomach. I struggled daily with stomach pains, bloating, and weight gain. To make matters worse, I was constantly having to defend myself when asked if I was pregnant. Nope, just over weight. A friend of mine introduced me to Arbonne and at the new year I decided to give it a try.


I started the 30 Days to Healthy Living and haven't looked back. My life has completely changed by cutting out gluten, sugar, and caffeine. 28 more pounds and I will be at my goal that I set out to try to accomplish during 2017. Today I feel great! I haven't been up a single night since Jan. 2nd and to me that means more than the weight loss, but shedding a few pounds has been the icing on the cake.